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BRISK home hot and cold water equipment quality pretreatment system innovator! BRISK pays attention to every drop of water in your life, giving you peace of mind, health and nature.
Love yourself, love your family, and love life more!
BRISK's vision

Providing safer, healthier and better quality water purification solutions for consumers around the world

BRISK's mission

The full popularity of all types of water purification system equipment dedicated to promoting global family safety, health and quality

The value of BRISK

We are committed to the research and development of household hot and cold drinking water products and equipment that adapt to different water quality, different scenes and different groups of people;

BRISK's commitment

Providing you with the most intimate tools for a stylish, healthy and high-quality home life, just for peace of mind anytime, anywhere;

BRISK brand drive

Designed with the user's thinking as the source, inheriting the centuries of precision manufacturing technology in Europe, innovation, quality, and ambition, the brand and the user win-win;

BRISK consumer attitude

We pay attention to the health of consumers, and take into account the state of use of consumers in various scenarios, and strive to become a healthy water companion in the whole scene of consumers;

Enterprise Strength

  • Enterprise footprint

    12,000 square meters

  • Annual production

    More than 3 million units

  • Technical Services

    More than 300 well-known brands

  • patent

    More than 100 patents

  • Dealer

    More than 1,000 cooperation

Patent and Honors

More than 100 patented inventions

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